2 medium vine ripened tomatoes, about 2 cups diced small

½ small white onion, about ½ cup diced small

1 small jalapeño pepper, chopped – leave seeds and membranes for heat

1 lime, about 2T fresh squeezed juice

1/3C fresh cilantro leaves, chopped

1 garlic clove, pressed

1/4t Himalayan salt – optional

Dash of fresh ground pepper

DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients in a non-metal bowl. Let stand 5 minutes. You can hand chop and dice ingredients. Or you can put all ingredients in a food processor before dicing and chopping and pulsate until mixed. Put the tomatoes in last, if you want them to be “chunkier”.

HEALTHY HINTS & TIPS:  Use a food processor to save time.  Use cucumber slices in place of tortilla chips OR use Guiltless Gourmet baked chips for a healthier alternative to fried tortilla chips.  Can be used as a topping for tacos or on grilled or broiled chicken, pork, beef, or lamb in place of gravy and it’s good on fish!


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