It is my goal to empower mothers and other caregivers with the tools and knowledge to make great choices about nutrition for themselves and their families.” ~ Christine Wood, M.D.

This blog was created in partnership with Carri Pattison and Krista Thomas, R.D. to give parents recipes and ideas for healthier options around the home.  As an author and speaker, I have often been asked to come up with recipes and so here you are at Kids Eat Great Recipes!  You will even find some of my favorites from my own Recipe Box on my website, link coming soon.

If you want to read more about my book, eating tips and booking me as a speaker, please see my other websites at: – practical tips and ideas for feeding families – for information about speaking, my favorite supplements

You can purchase my book at either site.  And make sure to LIKE my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

If you want my complete biography, visit me here.


Please join me, in the Debunk the Junk program, designed to help families find healthier ways to eat.  This will combine weekly goals and worksheets and a weekly teleconference call over 6 weeks.  In addition to the worksheets, there will be recipes for you to choose.

I will coach your family to lighten the junk food load gradually and help you find healthier alternatives.  I will educate you on smarter ways to eat, provide strategies for healthy shopping and cooking, and teach parents how to create quality time around meals and avoid the battles.  I call this Mindful Parenting around the Dinner Table.

CLICK here to learn more about Debunk the Junk.

In the meantime, receive the free KidsEatGreat eNewsletter for more information and to learn about the launch of Debunk the Junk.


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