Krista Thomas is a Registered Dietitian whose training includes inpatient acute care dietetics and outpatient wellness and prevention services. She has worked in both public health and outpatient settings.  Her true passion lies in whole foods and herbs, their healing properties, and ways to incorporate them into everyday eating. Poor diet and lack of exercise are the cause behind too many diseases. These diseases are easily preventable and even reversible in some circumstances.

Krista loves people and coaching them into developing new food habits and implementing healthy lifestyle changes. She helps clients unlock the powers found in whole foods as they discover a healthy weight and a new dimension of personal health.  For her this is very rewarding!

Krista is the happy Mother of two beautiful girls, ages 2 and 6 months.  She and her Husband enjoy being active outdoors, most especially running together.  She lives on the beautiful island of Hawaii, aka the Big Island and loves family beach days.

Krista enjoys cooking whole foods and incorporating new recipes into her family’s diet. In her free time, she is often found reading up on the latest nutrition topics.  She wishes you the warmest aloha and hopes you enjoy all of the delicious recipes on our blog.



Watch for our new weekly feature post by Krista Thomas, R.D.  She will pick one of her favorite recipes and pair it with an informative article about the ingredients in the recipe.  Krista will also give the recipe our recipe redo, to help teach you about making healthier substitutions in all of your recipes.


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