Salt is an essential nutrient.  Refined table salt and unrefined salt are not the same!  Unrefined salts like all natural Celtic Sea Salt and pink Himalayan Salt are unaltered, therefore they contain essential nutrients including: sodium, chloride, and other trace minerals.Refined salt is common table salt.  It contains higher amounts of sodium and chloride and is stripped of many of it’s trace nutrients.  It has a longer shelf life because it is processed with harsh chemicals like ferrocynanide, aluminum silicate, and ammonium citrate.  Although unrefined salt is poor in iodine, and iodine is added to table salt to prevent goiter (an enlarged thyroid), refined salt generally does not contain enough iodine to prevent thyroid disease.  Better sources of iodine are fish, seafood, seaweed, dairy products, and eggs.HIMALAYAN SALT:  comes from the deposits of an ancient ocean found in underground mines, deep in the Himalayan mountains and is unprocessed and mineral rich.CELTIC SEA SALT:  is hand harvested from the environmentally protected Isle of Noirmoutier, Brittany, France.  It is unrefined and processed naturally from pure sea water making it the best choice for sea salt.

Please, avoid chemically processed, refined table salt.

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